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George Alex

You may read more about what I do in the other sections of this site.

Briefly about me: a happy husband and a proud father.

I've been teaching English and translating/interpreting since 1989.

I'm very curious: I read all the time and learn new things. I never settle for ready answers and solutions because I don't believe in one-size-fit-all.

I'm a pioneer: I dislike paths that others have trodden. I make new ways and I reach out to new horizons.

I'm an entrepreneur: I start businesses and business undertakings, I find new niches.

I consult people and businesses in the are of personal and business development.

I teach and train on many different topics in Bulgarian and English.

I've delivered lectures and seminars at New Bulgarian University, I've been a teacher trainer at Oxford University Press.

I teach and train in the area of direct sales and network marketing for different MLM companies and teams.

I consult people how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to lose weight effectively.

I host events, programs and weddings (yes, that too! :-) ).

I have a clear civil stand and take active part in the political processes in my country.

I've traveled a lot in many countries and love traveling...

I danced for quite a few years Bulgarian fold dances, I've played a number of musical instruments, I've sung in a choir, I've taken opera singing classes, I took part in the school drama in English for 2 years with a professional director and played on the stage of the City Theater in Rousse…

I love working out and doing physical activities…

I often do Zumba dances, for fun :-)

You couldn't figure out what exactly I do? Well, that's the most serious challenge - I juggle at least a hundred things at the same time :-) And I'm working on the balance not to drop any of them… :-)

If you think that I can be of any help,