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Mentoring Club - the power of the community

For many years I’ve been working with people, groups and teams. And my desire has always been to help each one develop, improve and achieve their goals. In my search for tools how to accomplish that, I joined the Mentoring FOR FREE system in 2009 - a tool for online mentoring, focusing on personal and business development. And we have mentored people from all over the world.

Since many Bulgarians don’t use English freely and they can’t use this tool effectively, I decided to start Mentoring Club in Bulgarian. We have had many online and offline meetings and a lot of the participants have shared that it has been very useful and effective for them.

More than 2,500 people have taken part in the Mentoring Club since 2009.

With time, I can see that you can’t have real lasting success if you focus on just one area of your life and try to succeed there on your own. We need to change our mindset, habits, behavior, attitude, circle of friends, lifestyle, way of working… get connected with like-minded peers in order to keep the momentum you have generated and even enhance it further. That’s when real and lasting success comes in.

Change can’t be forced on people - it comes when you’re sick and tired of your condition and deep from your heart you want to make a change. In an environment where you can share and communicate with like-minded people, these processes can be promoted and encouraged.

In Mentoring Club we have some basic values that we all agree on and accept: the right to make your own decisions, respect of your dignity and for boundaries you have put. We don’t tolerate persuading, aggression or humiliation of one member to another or to others.

Each of us has something to contribute and can share personal experience or life story: we have all found a good method, tool or pattern that has helped us to work more effectively and achieve our goals. By sharing with the others we encourage them in their process of change and in their pursuits of ways how to achieve their own goals.

We believe that each person can succeed in life and work if they don't give up and continue seeking answers, solutions, tools in an environment of friends and colleagues.

We have online and offline sessions and meetings to encourage relationships, cooperation and support. Because the key is relationships…

Why Mentoring Club

For years I've been searching to find the real me and when I thought that I'd finally got there, I found the skeletons in the cupboard - the nightmares of times long passed but still haunting me. I had to find a way to escape. Then I thought I'd mastered those issues and was getting ready to be launched into the future, but I discovered that it could totally consume me because the price for success was too high. While groping my way from the past into the future and spending many years in the twilight zone, I've just recently discovered how important the present is. And the way my decisions impact not only my life but also my world.
The lessons I've learned have cost me a lot. I've paid a high price. And I gladly share with those who are also seeking. Part of your answers might be in my small fragments of discovery which are priceless to me…
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I'd love to thank from the bottom of my heart the key people who have played a significant role in my life and business: George Bakalov, Tom Big Al Schreiter, Bob and Anna Bassett, Alex and Michaela Jorgov.

I'd like to thank all the speakers and authors like John Maxwell, Dutch Sheets, Lance Wallnau, Brian Johnson, Mary-Alice Isleib, Robert Kiyosaki, Isabel de Los Rios, Michael Thurmond and many, many more who have challenged my thinking, have been guiding me to find answers and have been challenging me not to settle for mediocrity.
In order to put some foundation in my quests and not to fall into fallacy or self-deception, I did my best to study and educate myself. I have graduated:
  • Geo Milev English Language School in Rousse, Bulgaria
  • Cooking School, certificate for professional waiter and cook, Rousse, Bulgaria
  • Medical University, Varna, Bulgaria, 2 semesters
  • Livets Ord Bible School, Uppsala, Sweden, 1-year international course
  • Varna Independent University, major Social Psychology, 9 semesters
  • Livets Ord Bible School, Brno, The Czech Republic, 1-month international course
  • Social Sciences, MSc, Marylebone University, Bangor, the United Kingdom
  • a course in Emotional and Spiritual Healing, Ellel Grange, the United Kingdom
  • a course in Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle, Vanderbilt University, USA
  • a course in Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • a course in Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, University of California, San Francisco, USA
  • a course in Dietetics and Global Trends in Nutrition, University of Florida, USA
  • a course in Human Physiology, Duke University, USA
  • a course in Nutrition, Herbalistics and Diets, Online Institute for Nutrition and Dietetics
  • a course in Social Psychology, Wesleyan University, USA
  • a course in Leading Teams, University of Michigan, USA
  • a course in Social Entrepreneurship, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • 2 courses on Smart Growth for Private Business , University of Virginia, USA

It's not simply knowledge that I've learned and I give. I learn from experience my lessons and conclusions. Here's some more about me and how I've been learning through the years:

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I loved English the moment I heard it. I had wonderful teachers at school who further stimulated and fostered that love for the language. I started teaching English while I was doing my military service. I taught friends. Then groups of children, later groups of adults. At first I thought it was a hobby but later it turned out to be 'my thing'. I haven't studied Teaching (I did 2 semesters of Pedagogics at University). But the contact with people, the interaction with the students, the chance to help them overcome their fear, worries, shyness and hesitation is the thing that motivates me to keep on teaching and to love what I do. I've been teaching for almost 30 years and I truly love what I do and the results we achieve with my students. Learning can be such an enjoyable experience when you do it in the right environment and with the right attitude…

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I started to study Medicine as a natural 'course of things' - both my parents were doctors and I grew up in polyclinics and hospitals with them. I could read Latin before I could read Bulgarian. It seemed quite normal to want to be a doctor because I believed that it was the best way to help people, like my parents did all their lives. Well, two semesters were enough for me to get disappointed and quit. However, my interest in health and healthy lifestyle never stopped. I decided that I may help people better by focusing on prevention and healthy living. I did quite a few courses on Nutrition and Dietetics, I've worked with companies for food supplements and I can really boast that at home we are extremely rarely ill and we use supplements, vitamins, we try to eat right, be more active and rest well.

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After all the disappointment at the Medical University, in my quests for answers and which way to go, I went through New Age and ESP, supernatural experiences and what not. Then Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me and it's been a life-changing encounter. He's given me purpose, meaning and confidence, despite the disappointment in my youth.
I was an interpreter at a Bible Institute. Then went to Bible Schools in Sweden and the Czech Republic to learn more how to help others get their soul and spirit healed and restored, how they can return to their Maker and experience real restoration.
Me and my wife were pastors in Rousse for more than 5 years, I've preached in many places and have ministered to hundreds of people. At present we're focusing on building prayer groups of intercessors.

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In 1995 I officially set up Master Language Center. We started with teaching groups of children and adults, then corporate teaching and translations.
For 10 years we've taught hundreds of children and adults, we've developed tens of colleagues who became VIP teachers, we had groups in all big cities in Bulgaria.
We never advertised, we only used word-of-mouth recommendations.
In 2005 I sold the business but the lessons I've learned are priceless. I've consulted business owners who have hit the plateau and can't move forward, despite all their efforts.
I've been helping tens and hundreds of entrepreneurs to clarify they concept of the business, find the right target group and build a good image.
Since 2009 I've been working a lot online and I consult entrepreneurs how to build a successful image in the social media and expand the influence of their business.

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I've graduated from a cooking school and I'm a professional waiter and cook (I bet you didn't know that, did you? :-) ) I've worked in Sweden, the Czech Republic and in Sofia, Bulgaria as a cook, sous-chef and a chef. I love cooking. And it's part of the reason why I'm so interested in healthy eating and cooking.
I love cooking but I'm not fussy about food. That's why I usually cook quick meals and use easy-to-do recipes (which are very delicious, though) and only on special occasions I take more time to prepare specialities…
Then, on the other hand, I've been overweight and even obese all my life. I had to put some efforts and figure out why I lost weight easily but couldn't keep it. That's when I did the courses and I worked with an American company where I've helped hundreds of people improve their health and lose weight in a healthy way: between 20lbs and 50lbs. I myself have lost more than 50lbs with no diets but by eating right and working out.

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In 1997 I joined my first MLM company - I saw the opportunity for extra income and started learning how to do it. For several months I had a team of about 30 people but it was really hard for me to keep going: I had to travel all over the country to build my team, technology wasn't well developed back then.
In 2008 I joined my second company and for 9 months we build a team of more than 2,500 people. I got the Mercedes Benz car bonus and I thought that I'd found the way how to do the business.
Unfortunately, I had a tough lesson to learn again: listening to the 'successful leaders', the gurus and the famous, I was so busy talking with people all the time, presenting, teaching, wasting more and more money… That brought me to Michael Dlouhy and Tom Big Al Schreiter. From them I learned priceless lessons and for several years I worked with Tom Schreiter's company and was part of huge international team of mentors, consulting network marketers from all kinds of companies worldwide.

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In 2009 I started Mentoring Club, mainly for my team from the MLM company to help them change their mindset and walk on in their lives. But soon a lot of other people joined and we've had more than 2,000 members who were active participants. Together with friends: Zorry Alex, Lyubomira Lyubenova, Radost Dimitrova, Lazarina Kozarova and many others, who I'm forever grateful to for their sacrifice and the time they spend consulting people for free, spending hours and hours in talking and seeking solutions… Then I realised that this is not a good way of working and the results we were getting had too high of a price. That's why I had to reconsider a lot of things and come up with Mentoring Club 2.0.

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In 1990 I joined the Radical-Democratic party at the Union of Democratic Forces in Bulgaria, because I'm a citizen who has a voice and takes a stand against wicked rulers and corrupt politicians. I took part in the first 'democratic' elections, I spread petitions and collected signatures in city squares. I've studied Social Psychology and Psychology of Manipulation and I can see when populist politicians use their tools to manipulate and brainwash the minds of the people. I've always had right-wing views because left-wing go against the natural laws and are destructive for any society. I'm more than willing to discuss politics because politicians rule our world and we need to know very well who we're voting for.

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I've been happily married since 1993. We have two wonderful children that I'm really proud of. Of course, marriage is the hardest thing in the world (if you're married, I'm sure you're nodding Yes). We're learning tough lessons all the time. My wife and I have been through fire and water and have managed to find a way where there was no way.
With the children we've had serious issues and today, when they are grown-up, we're still facing challenges that we have to overcome.
The lessons I've learned and keep on learning are priceless to me. Because they're the result of many sleepless nights, many tears and prayers… And I'm ready to share with those who are also looking for answers and who will not flee when the going gets tough… For there's nothing more precious than the family…

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I'm always looking for ways how to help people in need or in trouble. For me this is what being a human means. I always take part in charity initiatives and events.
One of them was our volunteer work at an orphanage in the village of Doganovo nearby: a team of volunteers used to visit the children every Saturday for several years and help the kids not only with their school subjects, but also with cultivating basic life skills, teach them how to communicate, how to beat their bad habits. We found sponsors who invested in incentives for good results and now, out of those children, we have several university graduates, several families with children…
Another initiative was raising money for Ester's education: a black baby girl left in a cardboard box who was saved by a real miracle and adopted by a friend of mine. She turned out to be an excellent basketball player and a singer with a unique voice. We helped her graduate a college in the USA and now she is a top basketball player and an excellent singer in clubs.
I truly believe that charity and social work is not to be done by clerks at government institutions but by the citizens.
Well, this is me: if I do something, I give it my all. And I do my best to get into the matter while keeping my eyes on the big picture. Recently I've started realising that all these pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of my life, which I invest my heart and time in, are not opposing one another. Just the opposite, they complement each other and add up.
In fact they're areas in which most of us are looking for answers and seem to be losing our way… And the toughest battle seems to be the balance of all these pieces and how to get to the point where one doesn't suffer at the expense of another…
There are people who specialise in one thing, they do it long enough and when they reach a certain age and have gathered a lot of experience (and contacts), they become highly paid consultants. I'm different: I'm a GP (General Practitioner :-) ) I don't qualify to give sophisticated and pricey sessions (except in English where I'm a specialist with more than 30 years of experience), but I'm ready to share my experience, the lessons I've learned and the wisdom I've got with those who are really seeking and trying to find their way around.
I have no intention to change anyone, nor 'to fix' anyone's life or business. You have your personal responsibility for your own life. I'm here for you as the friend who'll believe with you that there's
always a way! And that you, too, can find your way! Because there are no formulas and one-size-fit-all solutions…

Come on, let's seek together. I'd love to hear your lessons, too, because none of us can learn all and know all, right?